Isn’t there a risk that assisted dying is used to bump off dependent relatives?

Tue, 25 Aug, 2015

No, there are many protections. The Bill has detailed processes to ensure there is no coercion. The request must be made by the person concerned. A written form will have to be submitted and both the person’s doctor and the independent doctor will have to be convinced that the person is eligible under the Act. The doctors must both be convinced the person genuinely wishes to end their life, and that they have not been coerced or pressured into making the choice they have made. The person will be encouraged by their doctor to discuss their choice with their family and friends, and must be given ample opportunity to do so. If either of the doctors has any doubts, then they must jointly refer the person to a specialist with a relevant scope in mental health. The specialist must read the person’s files, examine the person, and provide their opinion about whether the person requesting assisted dying is competent to make that decision.

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