Fair Firearm Laws

New Zealand should be able to say that we have the world’s best firearms laws.

The Government’s knee-jerk reaction to Christchurch has done nothing to keep people safe and prevent another tragedy.

New Zealanders for whom firearms are a tool, a sport, an investment in history, and a way of sourcing food, have been treated unfairly under the Arms Amendment Act 2019 and Arms Legislation Act 2020, which resulted in the sweeping changes to firearms laws and saw the confiscation of private property. ACT was the only party to vote against these law changes.

Only ACT has consistently supported the firearms community and spoken out against rushed, poor-quality law making.

ACT would:

1. Repeal the six most onerous elements of the Arms Legislation Act 2020

2. Introduce a new bill to replace the Arms Act 1983 and all subsequent amendments

3. Make it easier for Police to go after the real problem, the gangs.

Join ACT in standing up for law-abiding firearms owners and fair firearms laws.

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