Fair Firearm Laws

After our country’s tragedy in Christchurch last year, the Government had two jobs. The first was to find out what went wrong and fix any problems that allowed it to happen. The second was to bring people together to move forward united

Sadly, the Government failed at both tasks. We are no safer as a result of the Government’s law changes, but the way they were done was unjust, ineffective and, until the Royal Commission tells us what went wrong, premature.

ACT’s priority is to repeal this year’s Arms Legislation Act, including the threat of a firearm register, then set about making the world’s best firearm laws that balance public safety, firearms control, and freedom. We would introduce another Bill that repeals the Arms Act 1983 - and all subsequent amendments - after the Royal Commission reports back. The new law will be delivered in the next parliamentary term and will be the envy of the world.

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