Fair Firearm Laws

ACT stands for freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. That’s why we were the only political party to vote against the Government’s undemocratic gun legislation in April and why we oppose a shortened select committee process being used for the second round of changes.

Jacinda Ardern promised a different way of doing politics, but after 15 March her Government followed the time-honoured tradition of responding to a tragedy by scapegoating a group of innocent people – thousands of law-abiding New Zealanders – and rushing law changes through without any meaningful public consultation. It was unnecessary and divisive.

Since April, ACT, in consultation with the gun community, has been developing a firearms policy. You can read our firearms policy here. ACT believes we need fair gun laws, achieved through a democratic process, which treat law-abiding firearm owners with dignity and respect. If you agree, please join our campaign.

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